Walk In Baths

Creative Living are able to provide for all your bathroom requirements from walk-in bath models to an advanced powered bath. Our products are top quality and reliable craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on our customer care, which is second to none.

Baths for disabled people

When selecting the right bath to suit your disability, consider your future needs. How frequently will the bath be in use? What level of assistance do you require?

Power assisted disabled bath
Powered Assistance
(Level 3-4)

Power assisted disability bath
Powered Assistance
(Level 5)

Walk in bath for disabled people
Walk-in Assistance
(Level 1)

Walk in power assisted bath for disabled people
Powered Assistance
(Level 2)

A guide to your level of assistance

1. Minimal assistance, requires some mobility
2. Provides assistance with raising and lowering in the seated position. Requires some mobility
3. Provides lateral transfer from wheelchair to bath. Use with or without carer. Upper body mobility required
4. Provides lateral transfer from wheelchair, with powered traverse into bath
5. Provides lateral transfer, powered traverse and leg raiser to carry legs over the bath side

Full-Length Baths

Arizona Full-Length Baths

A full-length, walk-in bath is a perfect solution when stepping over the side of a conventional bath becomes more challenging. You retain the traditional lying-down bathing position, but access is so much easier. When there’s only one bath at home, this is a great option for the whole family. With a footprint that matches the regular bathtub shape, slotting it into your bathroom’s layout is simple.

Midi-sized Baths

Oregon Midi-sized Baths

The midi size is a great walk-in bathing option. With plenty of room for comfort, these baths are perfect for small spaces. The clean, modern styling will ensure they look perfectly at home in any bathroom. Stepping in is simple, and the integral seat is ergonomically contoured for a relaxing bath.

You’ll be safe and comfortable throughout, and when you’re done, you’ll find the slip-resistant surfaces and the upright position make getting out of the bath just as easy as getting in.

Compact Baths

Florida Compact Baths

Think about being able to step in without struggling. Think about a bath that will take hardly any space, but one that lets you relax whilst seated, in warm, chest-deep water. Think about a bath that will fill quickly, without a huge water bill. Think small but think beautiful – these are baths that would grace any home.