Plastic Ply

download brochurePlastic ply is a reinforcing sheet for tiling on timber floors and is BEAL approved in New Zealand.

Makes tiling timber floors easier!

Plastic ply is a fantastic addition to the process of installing tiles and natural stone to timber flooring. Plastic ply reduces the usual problems of tiles getting damaged due to issues of timber shrinking, warping or rotting. With Plastic ply there is no longer any need to install underlay for tiles or slate. This removes the extra steps normally needed when flooring levels don’t match.

plastic plyBenefits of plastic ply

  • Plastic ply self-adheres to the timber floor
  • Plastic ply is made with 50% recycled products
  • Plastic ply is very thin, removing the need to cut down doors and reduces step height
  • Plastic ply reduces the stress a tiled floor is under, improving longevity
  • Plastic ply is water proof
  • Plastic ply is easy to handle and install
  • Plastic ply is heat resistant and compatible with underfloor heating
  • Plastic ply is easy to cut with normal scissors
  • Plastic ply doesn’t require any special skills to install
  • Plastic ply resists impact
  • Plastic ply is much cheaper than other alternatives
  • Plastic ply requires no power tools
  • Plastic ply can be tiled over immediately as there is no requirement for drying or curing
  • Plastic ply is quick to install and saves you time!

Plastic ply is becoming a very popular choice among tilers. Professional tilers and contractors prefer plastic ply when tiling on timber floors in comparison to traditional tile or slate underlay options.

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