Wet Room Drains

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Drainage options for vinyl wetroom floors

drainage-options-for-vinyl-wetroom-floorsHorizontal outlet
With grey cover and clamping ring Code: UTVG01/H
With chrome cover and clamping ring Code: UTVC01/H

Drainage options for tiled wetroom floors

All tiled drainage options have a height adjustable stainless steel top, suitable for floor tiles 6mm-26mm deep. They are available at no extra cost. Please specify when ordering.


Horizontal Outlet
Code: HCDH


Premier Shower Deck

The Phlexiline Living and Phleximax Systems are innovative designs that have been created with style and ease of installation in mind. Whether onto concrete, timber or Premier Shower Deck everything is supplied in one box and enables a stunning Wet Room look.

Features and Benefits:

A unique waterproof clamping system for tiled floors. A built in spring loaded odour trap ensures the gulley remains air tight, gas tight and water tight even if the trap is empty.

All components supplied for concrete, timber or Premier Shower Deck installation. Packers for 22mm flooring.

Phleximax 50 – Horizontal

phleximax-50-horizontalThis multi-purpose system is suitable for concrete and wooden installation as well as for the Premier Shower Deck. Visible diameter 120mm, 200mm overall (unseen if tiled) an overall height of 76mm with an outlet of 50mm it has a push fit solvent weld fitting. When using with tiles simply place the tile grating over the central area and tile off from there. Flow rate 48 litres per minute.

Product: 50 Horizontal | Code Number: P6882441

Phleximax 50 – Vertical

phleximax-50-verticalThe Phleximax 50 vertical is the same system as above but with a vertical outlet which allows a straight through floor drainage option.

Visible diameter 120mm,200mm overall (unseen if tiled) an overall height of 189mm.

Flow rate 48 litres per minute.

Product: 50 Vertical | Code Number: P6882398

Phleximax – Grating for tiled floor

This two part grate is designed for use with the Phleximax drainage system and is simply placed centrally over the gulley and situated at the correct height so that drainage into the outlet is achieved. Simply tile off from the outer edge.

Product: Classic | Size: 155 | Code Number: P6882457
Product: Wave | Size: 155 | Code Number: P6882459

Phleximax 50 two part – for wet floors

This two piece gulley can be used in all floors but this has been specifically designed for use with timber floors and Floor Formers and can be plumbed prior to the installation of the floor or Former. Suitable for all floors but specifically designed for use with the Premier Shower deck.

N.B : Height of standard Phleximax 50 P6882441 is 76mm.
Height of Phleximax two part is 89mm

Product: Phleximax 50 two part floor gulley | Code Number: P6882471

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