Universal Shower Tray

The Universal Shower Tray is an ideal solution if you are looking to achieve a versatile choice for many installation options. With a profile of 35mm the tray can be recessed for level access or surface mounted.Universal Shower Tray

The Universal Shower Tray can be fitted directly onto an existing floor to create a 35mm low level access, alternatively the tray can be bedded into the floor to provide level access. Both options of installation can be achieved on a concrete screed or timber boarded floor area.

It is suitable for use with our Pro-door showering options and many of our other shower screens and enclosures.

The Universal Shower Tray is so named as the uncut waste outlet is positioned at a central point at one end of the tray, making it non-handed.

It is suitable for both traditional gravity waste or Phlexiflow pumped waste system to remove the water. This allows maximum flexibility within the design, assisting with the ease of installation as the tray can be reversed and placed in the most appropriate position to suit the existing waste outlet on site. This heavy duty tray option benefits from metal strengthening bars to assist rigidity, along with a completely encapsulating gel coating, providing a smooth, hard wearing finish. The tray has an easy clean, brilliant white, hygienic surface which is slip resistant. Its unique drainage channels help direct the waste water toward the outlet. It is available in a wide range of sizes to suit all bathrooms and has a cut down option.

Level access shower trayFeatures and Benefits

  • Durable brilliant white slip resistant base
  • Unique drainage channels
  • Metal strengthening bars for rigidity
  • Gel coated for hard wearing and ease of cleaning
  • Fully encapsulated board structure for increased stability and comfortable handling
  • Suitable for low level or level access, installed in or on the floor
  • Waste outlet suitable for gravity and Phlexiflow top or bottom exit pumped waste systems
  • Non handed tray as the waste is positioned centrally
  • Fully reversible to help gain the most appropriate waste location
  • Wells silver ion content to stop bacteria growth
  • Where it is not possible to sink the tray into an existing concrete or timber floor a loose ramp is available which can be cut, mitred and attached to the tray on site.

The Universal shower tray’s 35mm profile allows easy installation into or on top of wood or concrete shower areas.


Universal Shower Tray Installation TimberTimber

The Universal Shower Tray can be sited directly onto the timber floor for low level access or alternatively the boarding can be removed and the tray sunk into the floor. With a combination of plywood and the preferred finished flooring, level access can be achieved.

Universal Shower Tray Installation ConcreteConcrete

The Universal Shower Tray can be sited directly onto the screed for low level access or alternatively the screed can be removed and the tray sunk into the floor for level access.

Product Size Code
Universal Shower Tray – 800×800 P6820561
Universal Shower Tray – 900×900 P6820562
Universal Shower Tray – 1000×1000 P6820563
Universal Shower Tray – 1200×700 P6820552
Universal Shower Tray – 1200×800 P6820556
Universal Shower Tray – 1200×1200 P6820564
Universal Shower Tray – 1300×700 P6820553
Universal Shower Tray – 1300×800 P6820557
Universal Shower Tray – 1400×700 P6820550
Universal Shower Tray – 1400×800 P6820558
Universal Shower Tray – 1500×700 P6820554
Universal Shower Tray – 1500×800 P6820559
Universal Shower Tray – 1600×700 P6820555
Universal Shower Tray – 1600×800 P6820560
Universal Shower Tray – 1700×700 P6820575
Universal Shower Tray – 1700×800 P6820576
1800×700 (Can be cut to length to a minimum of 1500mm) P6820548
1800×800 (Can be cut to length to a minimum of 1500mm) P6820549
Loose ramp1700 (Can be cut to length) P6821411

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