Guidelines to get a Disabled Parking Permit in New Zealand

parking space for disabledNew Zealand is clamping down on motorists who are taking advantage of the disabled parking permit scheme. The mobility parking scheme allows a disabled person or persons with mobility issues to park on metered or time-restricted parking areas, regular parking spaces, or mobility parking spaces for a longer period of time. The scheme and corresponding concessions varies from region to region.

Persons In-Charge of Managing the Scheme

Many different institutions and groups are involved and they work together to successfully implement the program. These institutions and groups include:

  • CSS Disability Action who is in charge with the management and issuance of the permit and who is on top of advocating the improvement of the scheme
  • Doctors and GPs who are in charge of assessing whether the person is eligible for disabled parking permit or not
  • Local Councils who are in charge of monitoring and implementing on-road parking spaces
  • New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) who is responsible for managing the legislation around parking requirements and for imposing fines for non-compliance

Changes to the Scheme

After launching a review and receiving a huge number of complaints about people who use parking spaces for the disabled without permits, CSS Disability Action, which is in charge of administering the mobility parking scheme undertook the following actions:

  • Implemented technological improvements to create a fairer scheme
  • Made changes to the criteria for eligibility
  • Extended the eligibility for behaviour support needs
  • Made the process easier for users

Guidelines for applying to get a Disabled Parking Permit

If you have a medical condition that limits your mobility and you have just moved to New Zealand or if you are now in need of the disabled parking permit, read the following guidelines to ensure that you experience a simple and easy application process.

  1. Meeting the eligibility for a disabled parking permit in New Zealand:
    • You are unable to walk and always need a wheelchair or
    • Your ability to walk distances is severely restricted by a medical condition or disability (e.g. you require the use of mobility aids, experience severe pain, or breathlessness) or
    • You have a medical condition or a disability that necessitates you to have physical contact or close supervision in order to safely get around and that you cannot be left unattended (e.g. if you experience disorientation, confusion or severe anxiety)
  2. When applying for a short-term permit, you need to provide confirmation from your doctor that your medical condition will affect your mobility. The short-term permit may be issued for a minimum of three months to a maximum of one year.
  3. A long-term permit is valid for five years only for those with a permanent medical condition affecting mobility. Renewal of the permit does not require confirmation from your doctor.
  4. You can download the application form from the CSS Disability Action website or go to the nearest CSS Disability Action centre to apply for the mobility parking permit. Your doctor should fill in part C of your application form.
  5. You may want to call ahead as the CSS Disability Action branches use different payment methods from each other.
  6. A long-term permit currently costs $50. A short-term permit is $35 (with a fee of $5 for extensions). The overseas visitor’s permit is $35 as well.
  7. Please note that your local CSS Disability branch will not issue your permit. Your mobility-parking permit will be sent to you within eight working days from the date your application and payment are received.

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