Aqua-floor Shower Deck

aqua floor shower deckAqua-floor is an innovative shower deck with a unique cellular structure which makes it the most robust and strongest shower deck for vinyl installations.

The strongest SMC deck with a unique ribbed underside, perfect for vinyl installations.

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  • Market leading strength and rigidity
  • Accepts 55 Stone / 350kg of loading
  • Unique high grade SMC formulation
  • Computer aided cellular structure design
  • Suitable for timber / joist installation
  • Beds well into concrete / screed substrates
  • Unique cross linked rib design for optimum strength
  • No under boarding required
  • 22mm level access base
  • Pre formed fixing holes
  • Drill guideline – if additional fixing points are required
  • Precision engineered gradients / slopes
  • Waste offset to avoid joists
  • Can be trimmed on site
  • 100% recyclable

aqua floor shower deckThe N&C Aqua-Floor shower deck is a high strength wet room shower deck that has been compression moulded using a high glass content SMC formulation.

Computer Aided Modelling was used to create this unique, ribbed design to the underside of the Aqua-floor. Independent tests prove Aqua-floor’s structural cellular design enables us to achieve the highest levels of durability and strength of SMC floor formers on the market, with minimal deflection. At 350kg point loading, Aqua-floor offers complete confidence in its rigidity and strength.

aqua floor shower deckaqua-floor shower deck 900x900