Accessing Disability Resources in New Zealand

disability resources in NZAnyone should be able to live a rewarding and fulfilling life but sometimes support is needed to help you get ahead. There are a variety of disability resources in NZ available to you and these resources can help you with any issue you may face. Whether it’s through financial help, providing specialised disability friendly equipment, or connecting you with organisations that can help, there is assistance available throughout the Country.

Disability Friendly Equipment

For those that need specific equipment, there are disability resources in NZ that can provide you with what you need quickly. Equipment can be purchased or rented through Weka and the New Zealand Federation of Disability Information Centres (NZFDIC) can provide you with information to help you with your purchases. Whether it’s walking sticks, bed raisers, or specialised reachers, whatever you require, it is available in New Zealand.

Here at Creative Living in Whangarei we offer a selection of independent living solutions and are experts at providing advice and support to people with disabilities. Click to read more about how we can help with Bathrooms, Kitchens, Access Ramps and Commercial disabled access.

Financial Disability Resources in NZ

Financial hardship does not need to be endured alone; there are disability resources in NZ that can support you. Contact the Ministry of Health to find out what type of government funding you may be able to apply for.

Some funding may not be available through the Ministry of Health. However, there are non-government funded services that can help with financial issues. Support Options is a good resource website that can help those who live in Auckland and Northland locate other funding services.

Employment Disability Resources in NZ

Disability employment support services are available through Workbridge. They offer job and training support, so that those that can and want to work are better equipped to get back into the workforce.

Caregiver Support

It is vital that your caregiver is also provided with support as lack of assistance can drastically affect the care provided and can leave a caregiver feeling overwhelmed. Parent to Parent provides support to and educates parents who have a child or family member with disabilities, health impairments or special needs. Citizens Advice Bureau provides all sorts of specialist advice through consumer, budgeting, legal and employment services.

There are many support agencies that provide grants to pay for computers and textbooks and aid education and general welfare. These grants could really improve both your quality of lives. Please visit the CCS Disability Action website to see what type of grants are available, as they are too numerous to list.

Weka is a wonderful source of information for people raising or caring for disabled loved ones. NZFDIC is an information based website for disabled people and caregivers and there are centres throughout NZ that are ready and willing to help you.

Disability Support Groups

Finding a virtual support group can be very beneficial to someone who is disabled, especially those that cannot leave their home with ease. Social media offers the disabled support and social interaction. Through a variety of social media options, you can share your experiences, discuss new techniques, ask questions and gain valuable information about disability resources in NZ.

Private charities and trusts set up support services for disabled people. These charities work tirelessly with organisations to make sure that those in need do not go without the support they need. Charities offer a wealth of disability resources and information about these services can be find on the Internet.

There are numerous support groups that you can attend and are provided by organisations such as CCS Disability Action, the Cerebral Palsy Society and Diversity Works Trust. At these support groups you will be able to talk about your experiences and concerns, gain valuable information and make lasting friendships.

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